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Where there is a touch of genius in every child 


This site is intended to highlight the accomplishments and recipe for success of an educator who, for over four decades, has served as principal of Lincoln Elementary School in Mount Vernon, New York and other area elementary schools.  This 810-student school has been recognized as one of the only schools in New York State where test scores in all academic subjects are equally as high for minority as non-minority students.  Lincoln Elementary has successfully closed the achievement gap in all academic subjects to truly become a school where no child is left behind. 


George C. Albano has served as a public school educator for over 45 years. He earned a Masters of Arts degree in History, Political Science and Education from Adelphi University. He also received over 60 postgraduate credits in Administration, Curriculum and Supervision from Fordham University, Columbia University and New York University.

Mr. Albano was appointed Principal of the Lincoln Elementary School in Mount Vernon, New York, over four decades ago. Under his leadership, Lincoln successfully desegregated and is currently considered one of the top performing schools in the country. The success of his school is directly attributed to his commitment to educating the “whole child” academically, socially, culturally and morally. He has worked throughout his career to instill this commitment in his staff and to share his firm belief that race, gender and economic background cannot impede a child’s potential to learn.

Mr. Albano’s work has led Lincoln School to be recognized in the national media as a school where no child is left behind.


Lincoln Elementary School in Mount Vernon, NY, successfully desegregated over four decades ago. It is a place where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s dream has become a reality. Due to a dedicated, talented, loving staff, we have created an environment where all children learn together in an atmosphere of mutual respect and tolerance for each other’s differences. Lincoln has consistently outperformed many of the elite public schools in the country.

This web site will highlight key aspects of the school’s success story utilizing news articles & media coverage about Lincoln. Providing strong instructional leadership and support, utilizing a balanced literacy program, collaborating between and within grade levels, implementing curriculum materials that are aligned to the State Standards, integrating a love of the arts into the curriculum, encouraging parental participation, staff development initiatives, sharing best practices, and maximizing the use of support staff have all helped create an environment where the “bright flight” of students from different racial and socioeconomic backgrounds is nonexistent.

At Lincoln no child is left behind. There is virtually no achievement gap between African Americans, Hispanics, and Caucasians. Lincoln School has been recognized in the national media “…as a school that is a shining example of educational excellence, crossing racial barriers and economic obstacles.” They have accomplished this despite spending far less per student than wealthier school districts in the country. They will share the Lincoln School recipe for success with those who explore this site.


Mr. Albano's mission is to guarantee that all students receive a quality education no matter what their socioeconomic, ethnic backgrounds are, or the zip code they live. The chart below shows that Lincoln school student population both ethnically and economically scored in the top 90% tile or better over the period of time Mr. Albano served as school principal. 



Lincoln Elementary School and Principal George C. Albano were honored by the United States Department of Education in Washington, D.C. with the coveted National 2006 No Child Left Behind Blue Ribbon School of Excellence Award for continuous superior academic achievement. The New York Times said that Lincoln "is a school that outperformed some of the elite public schools in the country." Lincoln's students scored in the top 10 percent of the nation on all state assessments, and is one of the few urban schools to be recognized with the nation's top educational award for achieving academic excellence year after year.

Following the 2006 Blue Ribbon School awards ceremony in Washington, D.C., the United States Secretary of Education, Margaret Spellings identified nine schools for a site visit and profile in an effort to share information about highly successful schools with schools throughout the nation. By providing information on some of the best schools, the Secretary hopes to encourage other schools to provide the same quality of education 2006 NCLB-Blue Ribbon Schools provide for their students.

Lincoln Elementary was one of the nine elite schools visited and studied by RMC Research Corporation, Portsmouth, NH. Following the visit to Lincoln School the U.S. Department of Education posted on the No Child Left Behind - Blue Ribbon Schools Program website a profile of Lincoln. As was explained during their visit with Mr. Albano, one of the main purposes of the No Child Left Behind - Blue Ribbon Schools Program is to share information about highly successful schools with schools throughout the nation. The U.S. Department of Education believes that by providing information on some of the best schools, they can encourage other schools to provide the same quality of education Lincoln provides their students.

The NCLB-Blue Ribbon Schools Program has posted profiles of nine high achieving, high poverty schools on the U.S. Department of Education's Blue Ribbon Schools website.

This video was created by George Albano's granddaughter, Juliette Castagna, for a secondary school history project. 

Juliette Castagna (left)

George Albano (right)


Concert at Carnegie Hall, Isaac Stern Auditorium, New York City, NY

International Award-Winning Classical Pianist, Katya Grineva, whose vision for this concert is to expose children to the "beauty and benefits of classical music.

George C. Albano, Chairperson

June 12, 2009

SeeInformation Flyer (PDF)

The U.S. Department of Education 

The U.S. Department of Education in Washington, D.C. featured Lincoln Elementary on their one-hour live "Education News - Parents Can Use" television show, which is beamed out live and/ or rebroadcast to 90% of U.S. homes.  

This prestigious show, which focuses on math and science education and features U.S. Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings premiered a five-minute "video story" about the good work that George Albano and staff are doing at Lincoln.  

See: Link to 5 Minute Video

See: Full Show 

Paltalk.com "Shiller Math Behind the News", International Live Internet Show

Larry Shiller and George Albano, nationally recognized educational reformist and pioneer in closing elementary achievement gaps across all academic subjects and backgrounds, discussed how to make the United States #1 in mathematics. 

The Journal News: For Westchester, Rockland & Putnam Counties, New York State

"Remembrance: Students at Lincoln School Write Poems about Coretta Scott King" 

February 1, 2006

See: Slideshow

The Journal News: For Westchester, Rockland & Putnam Counties, New York State

"Reasons to be Thankful: Teacher thankful to Have a Job She Loves at Lincoln Elementary School For Over 23 Years"

November 28, 2008


The Journal News: For Westchester, Rockland & Putnam Counties, New York State

“Classical Pianist Plays for Graduates"

Renowed Russian pianist Katya Grineva (www.katyagrineva.com) performs during Lincoln Elementary School graduation...At the graduation ceremony, Principal George Albano introduced Grineva by saying, "My gift to the graduates is the gift of classical music."

By Jamie Holloman; June 2008

See: Full Article (PDF)

Phi Delta Kappan – International Professional Journal for Education

“Meeting Superman: Principal George Albano” 

By John Merrow, February 2004 [Magazine cover story by Peabody Award-winning reporter]

See: Full Document (PDF)

The Achiever – Publication by the U.S. Department of Education in Washington, D.C.

“Interdisciplinary Curriculum, Strong Leadership Account for 100-Percent Proficiency at New York School" Nothing Left to Chance at Lincoln School in Mount Vernon, NY

By Nicole L. Ashby, Editor "The Achiever"; May 2007

See: Full Publication (PDF); Photos of Meade Family (PDF)

The Journal News: For Westchester, Rockland & Putnam Counties, New York State

“Mt. Vernon Students Show Their Grasp of Science at School Expo"

Lincoln School students demonstrate and articulate their scientific discoveries at the school's 25th Annual Science Expo.

By Hannan Adely; May 15, 2009

See: Full Document

The New York Times 

“Using Love, and Chess Lessons, to Defy Theories on Race & Test Scores”

By Lisa W. Foderaro, April 7, 2002

See: Full Document

District Administration - The Magazine for Educational Leaders

“Local Progress Grabs National Attention: The secret to success at this district’s top elementary school starts with respect.”  Featuring comments by the U.S. Secretary of Education Rod Paige about "The Lincoln School Success Story."

By Angela Pascopella, April 2004

See: Full Document (PDF)

 “It's Being Done: Academic Success in Unexpected Schools” by Karin Chenoweth

Lincoln Elementary School is featured in a new book from Harvard Educational Press, along with more than a dozen other high-poverty or high-minority schools that are dispelling the myth that students of poverty and students of color are incapable of meeting the learning standards that white, middle-class children meet.

Author: Karin Chenoweth is a writer for "Achievement Alliance" in Washington, D.C. She is a former educational writer for The Washington Post and former senior writer and executive editor of "Black Issue in Higher Education" (now Diverse).  

Publication and release: Harvard Educational Press; Cambridge, MA; Copyright 2007

Available: https://www.amazon.com/Its-Being-Done-Academic-Unexpected/dp/1891792393

“Teaching in America,” 4th edition

 Author: George S. Morrison Ed.D.; University of North Texas, 

Professor & Chairperson, Early Childhood Education department

Topic: Mr. Albano is a contributing writer in this publication which is designed for students who are studying to be teachers, PreK – 12.  Areas covered include: The importance of schools in society; What are the key factor for making schools successful today?; and What are the aims of educators at Lincoln School and in general?

Publication and release: Allyn & Bacon; Spring 2005

"The Miracle on East Lincoln Avenue."

"The Miracle on East Lincoln Avenue."

"...So then, what of the miracle?  In this time and place, the travelers witnessed the miracle on East Lincoln Avenue - that no matter what differences the children come bearing to school - and we must here pay tribute to that great proclamation - 'Brown vs. The Board of Education,' we will see the miracle of equal performance of all children, not only through integration but by equal treatment, respect, high expectations and by the hard work of principals like Mr. Albano of the Lincoln Avenue School, Mount Vernon, New York, and his amazing, talented staff.  (No excuses, that the parents aren't interested, language problems and some children can't learn, heard here.)"

Helicon Records, Ltd.,  Helicon for Young People

(this letter sent to editor of NY Times)

Roselyn Katz, M.A. Educational Psychology, 5/16/03

Letter (PDF)

Westchester Family Magazine 

“Back-To-School Bulletin Board: Achievement Lessons”; September 2004

See: Full Feature (JPG)

National Urban League (paperback) 

“Working Together: A Model for School Reform” 

Edited by Hugh B. Price & Lee A. Daniels, Copyright 2002

See: Cover (JPG)

The Virginian – Pilot

“Closing the Gap: N.Y. principal offers model for closing testing gaps”

By Kristen King & David Gulliver, April 8, 2004

USA Today

“In 1999, Albano used the threat of higher state standards as leverage to launch intensive tutoring programs, adjust the curriculum to fit state standards and make sure all classes, including art and gym, pass along academic skills.  It worked: In 2002, 99% of the nearly 800 students scored at or above state standards.”

USA Today (Editorial) – 12/4/03

District Administration Magazine

Lincoln Elementary personifies what No Child Left Behind is all about.  Any time a school can close its achievement gap, it’s a great day in America.”

U.S. Secretary of Education, Rod Paige – April 2004


"This is one of 4,000 schools in New York state but why can't they all be more like this one [Lincoln School]?"

Quote to News12-TV by NY State Education Commissioner
Richard P. Mills who visited Lincoln Elementary School on 11/15/04

"60 Minutes" Nationwide CBS-News Hour

“I wanted to find a kinder, gentler (Presidential/ Student Council) election that would rekindle my faith in the democratic process ... I found my kindler, gentler election at Lincoln Elementary School in Mount Vernon, New York."

Quote by Commentator, Steve Hartman on 10/13/04


After 34 years in this profession, I can state unequivocally that George Albano is one of the best principals in this nation and that Lincoln Elementary School under his leadership is one of the best elementary schools in the nation..."

Ronald O. Ross of the National Urban League 5


“…Lincoln is a school with Ordinary Kids, Extraordinary Achievement, a Stunning Success Rate…how they do it will amaze and inspire you.”

CBS-TV Half-Hour News Special

The New York Times 

“…a school that outperformed some of the elite public schools in the country”

The New York Times – 4/7/02


CBS TV News - Morry Alter 

Ellis Island Medal of Honor 2015

The Educational Trust - Washington D.C. - The Fourteenth Educational Conference


News Channel – nationwide; October 10, 2004
Topic: “Spoiled Rotten Kids: Taking Control” – An in-depth look at the important role parents play in the social, moral and academic development of their children.
Host: Judith Regan


NEWS 12 

News Commentator: Lauren BrownTopic: New York State Education Commissioner, Richard P. Mills, visits Lincoln School to study its recipe for success.
aired November 14 and 15, 2004



Jim Lehrer NewsHour – nationwide; November 12, 2003
Topic: “Closing the Achievement Gap”
News Commentator: John Merrow


Market Watch Weekend nationwide news; September 4, 2005
Topic: "Reading, Writing, and Technology" – an in-depth look at trends in technology and how they affect our nation's schools. The viewer learns how the Lincoln School Principal, George C. Albano uses entrepreneurship to bring technology to his school.
Host: Alexis Christoforous
News Reporter: Paul Lin


60 MINUTES special – nationwide; October 13, 2004
Topic: An in-depth look at a school-wide election for Student Council held at Lincoln Elementary School in Mount Vernon, NY.
Lincoln, a high-performing, progressive urban elementary school, not only prides itself in developing its students academically; socially; and morally, but also teaches each child the importance of civic responsibility and voting.
News Commentator: Steve Hartman


Half-Hour special February 22, 2003
Topic: “A Salute to Our Schools”
News Commentator: Morry Alter



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